The new, independent way to analyze and evaluate jobs

GRADAR is an accessible, affordable software designed to empower HR departments and provide a suite of specialist job evaluation services. Our simple, transparent application makes the analysis and evaluation of jobs easier than ever – appropriately preparing your business for the challenges ahead.

What Makes Us Different?
GRADAR is a job evaluation system designed with our clients in mind. We’re committed to providing a standardised service with a number of user-inspired features which your business can operate independently.

By partnering with independent compensation consultants, we implement a non-proprietary approach that focuses chiefly on a job’s requirements.
We evaluate jobs across 25 grades in three different career paths; individual contributor, management roles and project management roles.

Job Evaluation with GRADAR
GRADAR provides consistent and objective results on all job levels. From unskilled workers to strategic experts, from project to people managers, it follows a strict requirements-based approach. One of GRADAR’s key characteristics is this qualitative approach to job evaluation. By providing clear factor definitions and distinctive verbal level descriptions, the evaluation process is easily understandable for everybody involved and provides a high level of objectivity.
The well-balanced choice of input, throughput and output-factors makes GRADAR the ideal tool to evaluate positions in organisations of all sizes and in all industry sectors.

Our system is fully customisable. From job families and organisational structures to benchmark survey translation matrices and competency models, you can configure the system to your requirements.

We’re suitable for every business, from SMEs to multi-national companies. We don’t assess turnover. We don’t assess scope. We focus solely on comparable job evaluation results. It’s an approach that makes us the ideal solution for organisations in fast-changing work environments.